Introduction to modified atmosphere packaging machine


2022-07-29 16:37

At present, in China, the modified atmosphere packaging machine is mainly used for pollution-free green fresh-keeping of cooked food such as soy sauce meat, braised meat, dishes, and fresh food such as high value-added fruits, organic vegetables, fresh meat/cold fresh meat, river fresh food, and seafood. The shelf life of the food packaged by the modified atmosphere packaging machine is generally 5 to 7 days, and the food is stored under the refrigerated temperature environment.
The modified atmosphere packaging machine equipment exhausts the closed packaging mold cavity or packaging bag - that is, vacuumizes the air in the closed container and fills it with the fresh-keeping gas mixed in proportion by the gas mixer (there must be more than two sources of fresh-keeping gas). The process of exhaust and inflation is essentially gas replacement. After gas replacement, the modified atmosphere packaging machine presses and cuts the film, outputs the finished product packaging box, completes a modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging cycle, and then repeats the next packaging cycle.
The modified atmosphere packaging machine belongs to the cold chain preservation equipment such as food, which is generally used in combination with the vacuum cooler/vacuum cooler, and has a better effect on food preservation. The high temperature food in the vacuum cooler can quickly cool or eliminate the field heat of fruits and vegetables, so that the core temperature can reach the cold storage temperature. The food after vacuum cooling can be kept fresh by modified atmosphere packaging. Fresh clothes can be distributed and sold across the country and regions.

The automatic stretch packaging machine continues to deliver goods, and can't stop at all!!

In the scorching sun, Shandong Bofa Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. delivers stretch film vacuum packaging machine for leisure food.

Summary of use and maintenance methods of continuous stretch film packaging machine

With the arrival of the automation era, many enterprises have begun to transform. The original manual operation has been gradually replaced by machines. Automated equipment can not only improve the work productivity, but also free the labor from the heavy work.

Application of Stretch Film Packaging Machine

For a long time, food packaging is mainly based on traditional technology. Such trivial and heavy repetitive manual labor is difficult to complete large-scale production. The working environment is poor, the labor intensity of workers is high, the yield of good products is low, and the stability of product quality is poor.

How much do you know about automatic stretch packaging machine

How much do you know about the types of automatic stretch film packaging machines? Let's have a look. Automatic stretch film packaging machine is a universal packaging machine, and different types are also calculated according to the working capacity of the product.

Selection principle of double-sided stretching vacuum packaging machine

The stretching vacuum packaging machine is divided into single-sided stretching vacuum packaging machine and continuous double-sided stretching vacuum packaging machine. Its working principle is to use the forming die to heat the film, then use the forming die to punch it into the shape of a container, and put the package into the formed lower film cavity.